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Charms Candy Carnival

24.6 oz. bag


6-Pack (6 x 24.6 oz. bag)
$7.39 per bag - SAVE $3.60!

12-Pack (12 x 24.6 oz. bag)
$7.19 per bag - SAVE $9.60!

Bursting with dozens of pieces of lip-smacking Charms favorites, Candy Carnival offers tasty candy treats for every taste in one giant, share-friendly, value bag. With a generous assortment of Blow Pops, Sugar Babies, Charms Mini Pops, Sugar Daddy, Charms Pops, Sugar Mama Caramels, Tear Jerker Sour Bubble Gum, and Blow Pop Bubble Gum, there's something for everyone with Charms Candy Carnival.