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Tootsie Sweet and Sour Bunch Pops

8 ct. bunch


9-Pack (9 x 8 ct. bunch)
$1.99 per unit - SAVE $9.00!

18-Pack (18 x 8 ct. bunch)
$1.49 per unit - SAVE $27.00!

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If you love sweet and sour and you love Tootsie Pops, you're going to love our new Tootsie Pop Sweet and Sour Bunch Bunch Pops, in 8 bright colors and 8 sweet and sour flavors. Each bunch pop contains 8 Tootsie Pops with 4 Sour flavors including Apple, Blackberry, Blue Raspberry & Lemon; and 4 Sweet Flavors, including Cherry, Grape, Orange and Raspberry. All of them have the chewy Tootsie roll center we all enjoy.