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Tootsie Roll has a variety of black candy perfect for your birthday, anniversary, corporate party, special holiday celebration or just for those who are obsessed with the color black. Choose from delicious licorice Crows or Black Cherry Blow Pops. Check back seasonally for other black candy offerings.

Charms Blow Pop Black Cherry

Blow Pops; first it's a sucker and then it's gum! Hard black cherry flavor candy on the outside, gum on the inside.

If you love black cherry, you’re going to love this delicious cherry flavored treat.

48 ct. box


3-Pack (3 x 48 ct. box)
$14.54 per box - SAVE $1.35!

6-Pack (6 x 48 ct. box)
$14.24 per box - SAVE $4.50!

12-Pack (12 x 48 ct. box)
$13.49 per box - SAVE $17.99!


Licorice-flavored Crows, while a member of the DOTS family, boasts a much longer pedigree than its fruit-flavored siblings. Tracing its history to the end of the 19th century, the immensely popular black gumdrops enjoy a strong, cult-like following. Their perfectly balanced anise flavor delivers a comforting, mature taste—drop after drop.

6.5 oz. box


12-Pack (12 x 6.5 oz. box)
$1.77 per box - SAVE $2.63!

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