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In 1988 Charms joined the Tootsie Roll family of products making Tootsie Roll the largest producer of lollipops in the world! Enjoy everything from Charms Squares, Charms Sour Balls and Seasonal Charms Lollipops.

Assorted Charms Squares

Charms are delicious hard candy squares, individually wrapped, and come in a pack with seven different flavors, including cherry, grape, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, and raspberry.

1 oz. pack


10-Pack (10 x 1 oz. pack)
$1.42 per pack - SAVE $0.74!

20-Pack (20 x 1 oz. pack)
$1.34 per box - SAVE $2.98!

240-Pack (240 x 10-Pack (10 x 1 oz. pack))
$1.34 per pack - SAVE $35.76!

Charms Sweet Pops Flag Bag (9 oz. Bag)

Charms Sweet Pops are among the perfect, go anywhere treats for kids and adults. This flag bag seriese contains individually wrapped pops with stripes of Cherry and Blue Razz flavor. This is the perfect summer treat for parades, picnics and parties!

Due to high demand, we are unable to guarantee 1-3 day delivery for seasonal items.

Charms Assorted Sour Balls

Original Charms Sour Balls from days gone by. Are they actually sour? You decide.

12 oz. canister


12-Pack (12 x 12 oz. canister)
$4.93 per canister - SAVE $3.11!