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Find All of Your 2024 Tootsie Easter Candy Favorites Here!

Tootsie’s assorted Easter candies are perfect for Easter baskets or plastic Easter egg stuffers for an extra special Easter egg hunt. Choose from Easter egg Tootsie Pops, Tropical Easter Bunch Pops, Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails, Andes Chocolate Mint Bunnies and much more! All of these wonderful Easter treats are sure to brighten your Easter Holiday.

Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Snap Bar 1.5oz Bar

Unwrap the perfect Easter treat with the Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Snap Bar. A fusion of smooth mint and delightful cookie crunch, it's a perfect indulgence to enhance your holiday celebrations.

1.5 oz. Bar
(Reg. $1.99)  SALE!

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6-Pack (6 x 1.5 oz. Bar)
(Reg. $11.34)  SALE!

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12-Pack (12 x 1.5 oz. Bar)
(Reg. $21.49)  SALE!

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48-Pack (48 x 1.5 oz. Bar)
(Reg. $81.19)  SALE!

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Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum Machine Box, 5.24 oz. Box

Experience the magic of Easter with a delightful and interactive gift! This enchanting box brings joy as it dispenses sweet gum balls, making it the perfect addition to your Easter festivities. With its fun and whimsical design, it's sure to add an element of wonder to your holiday celebration and make it an unforgettable experience for all.

5.24 oz. Box
(Reg. $5.49)  SALE!

6-Pack (6 x 5.24 oz. Box)
(Reg. $31.29)  SALE!

12-Pack (12 x 5.24 oz. Box)
(Reg. $59.29)  SALE!

Dubble Bubble Egg Hunt Fun Individually Wrapped Egg Shape Bubble Gum, 28 oz. Bag

Make your Easter egg hunt even more memorable with DB Egg Hunt Fun! This candy is the perfect Easter surprise for candy enthusiasts and a fun addition to Easter hunts. With its vibrant colors and delicious flavors, each gum piece is individually wrapped for easy hiding and discovering. Don't miss out on this tasty and exciting addition to your Easter celebration!

28 oz. Bag
(Reg. $11.99)  SALE!

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6-Pack (6 x 28 oz. Bag)
(Reg. $68.34)  SALE!

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12-Pack (12 x 28 oz. Bag)
(Reg. $129.49)  SALE!

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Tootsie Pops Egg Pops 9 oz. Bag

Who wouldn't love the delightful combination of a fruity lollipop with a chewy Tootsie Roll center? With Easter around the corner, it's even more cause for celebration. Tootsie Pops make for the perfect Easter treat - a delicious and fun option for all ages!

9 oz. Bag
(Reg. $5.49)  SALE!

7-Pack (7 x 9 oz. Bag)
(Reg. $36.51)  SALE!

21-Pack (21 x 9 oz. Bag)
(Reg. $103.76)  SALE!