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Find All of Your 2023 Tootsie Easter Candy Favorites Here!

Tootsie’s assorted Easter candies are perfect for Easter baskets or plastic Easter egg stuffers for an extra special Easter egg hunt. Choose from Easter egg Tootsie Pops, Tropical Easter Bunch Pops, Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails, Andes Chocolate Mint Bunnies and much more! All of these wonderful Easter treats are sure to brighten your Easter Holiday.

Tootsie Fruit Rolls in Easter Bag (12 oz. Bag)

LIMTED EDITION ITEM - Offering the same look and chew as the original Tootsie Roll in fruit-flavored varieties, Tootsie Fruit Rolls are equally tasty candy treats in a colorful Easter Bag. The individually-wrapped, bite-sized candies are available in five great-tasting flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, and Lime. Perfect for filling plastic Easter Eggs and building Easter Baskets.

Due to high demand, we are unable to guarantee 1-3 day delivery for seasonal items.

12 oz. bag
(Reg. $3.79)  SALE!

12-Pack (12 x 12 oz. bag)
(Reg. $43.08)  SALE!

24-Pack (24 x 12 oz. bag)
(Reg. $78.96)  SALE!